The Revolutionary Adhesion Promoter for Digital Printing on EVA Rubber materials
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Eva Adhesion Promoter Inkjet Primer For Eva Rubber Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.
WOBURN, Mass. - Floridant -- Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. proudly launches its latest innovation: NatronĀ® EA, an advanced UV adhesion promoter designed to revolutionize UV inkjet printing on Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) rubber material. NatronĀ® EA adhesion promoter, with its groundbreaking formulation, addresses the longstanding challenge of ink adhesion to EVA rubber.

The EA series, like our JP254 jettable adhesion promoter, represents precision and a commitment to innovation in the digital printing industry. This digital primer has remarkable features designed to elevate digital printing quality and exceed customer expectations.

Some of this digital primer's key features include:
  • Enhanced Adhesion: Natron EA acts as a powerful adhesion promoter, significantly improving the bond between UV inks and EVA rubber substrates. By effectively priming the surface, Natron EA ensures optimal ink adhesion, preventing issues such as ink flaking and poor print quality, thereby enhancing the overall print quality.
  • Superior Compatibility: Natron EA seamlessly integrates into existing printing workflows, making it an ideal solution for printers seeking to enhance their capabilities in EVA rubber printing applications. Whether for industrial labeling, footwear manufacturing, or automotive components, Natron EA provides consistent and reliable adhesion performance across a wide range of printing applications.
  • Versatile Application: Natron EA enables printers to achieve outstanding results with UV inkjet printing on EVA rubber substrates. Its versatility allows for the creation of high-quality prints with exceptional color vibrancy and durability, empowering printers to meet the needs of their customers with confidence.

"The Natron EA is an exciting announcement to the printing industry," said Bonaventure Mwongela, CTO at Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc." With this innovative adhesion promoter, it is now possible to print on EVA products with UV inkjet. Having the EA primer in our portfolio helps decorators expand their printing capabilities and offerings."

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Natron EA is now available for purchase, providing printers with a game-changing solution for enhancing UV inkjet printing on EVA rubber substrates. For more information about Natron EA and to explore its applications in various industries, visit

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