Terik Hashmi, Esq. is releasing guidebook on Navigating the U.S. Job Market and Work Visa Process
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Terik Hashmi's new book is a complete re-write of his previously published book "10 Steps for a successful job application in the USA" (published 2000 in Germany by TIA Publishers).

MIAMI - Floridant -- Terik Hashmi announces the upcoming release of his latest book, a comprehensive guide titled "Unlocking Opportunities: Navigating the U.S. Job Market and Work Visa Process." Drawing on his extensive experience in immigration law and employment matters, Hashmi's book serves as an indispensable resource for individuals seeking employment opportunities in the United States.

In "Unlocking Opportunities," Hashmi provides invaluable insights and practical advice on every step of the job search and visa application process. A standout feature of the book is its detailed explanation of how to obtain a work visa, even without the sponsorship of a U.S. employer—a topic often shrouded in confusion and uncertainty. Hashmi's expertise demystifies this complex process, empowering readers to pursue their career aspirations with confidence.

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The book addresses a pressing concern for job seekers in today's digital age: the increasing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the hiring process. As Hashmi emphasizes, AI has revolutionized recruitment practices, with many employers utilizing sophisticated algorithms to screen and select candidates based on their resumes. Understanding how AI operates is crucial for job applicants aiming to stand out in a competitive job market—a topic thoroughly explored in "Unlocking Opportunities."

Mr. Terik Hashmi possesses over 25 years of experience in all aspects of US Immigration & International Law.  He has dedicated his life's path to become a true champion of both Human and Immigrants' Rights, and has represented the entire spectrum of clients, from Individual to Business, to Investor, to Former Head of State. Mr. Hashmi has always been at the forefront of the field in terms of Education, Training and Experience.

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