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Other advisory firms respond to economic downturns by cutting back on client interactions and perks. We've decided to do the OPPOSITE and double down on providing excellent, thorough, service to all our clients.

NAPLES, Fla. - Floridant -- Stewart Wealth Advisors Regional Vice President Daniel Stewart says he is fed up with financial advisors and insurance agents who keep lowering the bar when it comes to client service.

"A lot of agents and advisors I've met are all about cost-cutting and "efficiency."   Of course, in these times, all business owners must be leaner and more resilient.  But, that doesn't mean that your good clients and prospects have to pay the price in terms of lowered expectations and poor service," says Stewart.  "I don't believe advisors who aren't exceptionally thoughtful and focused when it comes to client interactions will last long in the next few years," says Stewart.

Stewart believes that at a time when financial services are increasingly AI-delivered and often impersonal, pre-retirees and retirees need assurances that their human advisors are watching over their wealth with honesty and trustworthiness; always acting in their best interests.

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For this reason, Daniel Stewart says, he pursued the education and professional development necessary to act as a fiduciary advisor.

"A fiduciary is more than a marketing term.  It refers to someone who has the power to act for another person in situations requiring absolute trust.  Ethically and legally, fiduciaries must be 100% transparent with their clients and put the needs of the client above their own financial gain," explains Stewart.

Stewart says that fiduciaries are required to avoid potential conflicts of interest.  They may not use a client's assets for their personal benefit without client consent.  If any conflicts of interest do occur, a fiduciary must disclose it to their clients..

"In accordance with the requirements of my fiduciary certification, I must perform all of client-related tasks with the highest degree of morals and ethics," he explains. "Working with an advisor who is bound to the fiduciary standard, gives seniors confidence that the wealth advice you receive for yourself and your finances is as accurate as possible. When choosing a fiduciary over other types of advisors or agents, you gain the power to ask questions and to demand the highest value for the service."

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Stewart says it is easy for him to understand why many Americans hesitate to work with a retirement income planner.  "Many retirees have wonder about the true motivations of some advisors who seem to be focused primarily on selling products that make them more commission.  I want my clients and prospective clients to know they can trust that that our relationship is built on honesty and integrity."

Daniel Stewart

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