SprintRay Introduces Revolutionary MIDAS
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~ At the 3DNext summit in Miami, SprintRay, the leading company in dental 3D printing, made a groundbreaking announcement to over 250 dental professionals. The company's Chief Product Officer, Hossein Bassir, unveiled their latest innovation - the Midas Digital Press 3D Printer.

This revolutionary printer is set to not only transform dental restoration practices but also push the boundaries of 3D printing capabilities. With its patent-pending Digital Press Stereolithography (DPS) technology, Midas can easily print highly viscous, ceramic-filled materials that were previously deemed unprintable.

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The Midas Resin Capsule is a game-changer for chairside restorations. It contains all the necessary components to print a restoration and uses hydrodynamic principles to pressurize and dispense the viscous material into the build area. Once completed, the build platform extracts along with the printed restoration.

One of the most impressive features of Midas is its ability to simultaneously print three ceramic composite crowns in just one session. This not only saves time but also increases efficiency for dental professionals.

SprintRay's unveiling of Midas at 3DNext has left dental professionals excited about the future possibilities of 3D printing in their field. With this new technology, they can provide faster and more precise restorations for their patients.
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