Sophie Bowman Drops the 'Marketing Holy Grail' Book
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MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Floridant -- Multi-award-winning social media scientist, best-selling author, and Forbes contributor Sophie Bowman is dropping an industry bomb with new book How to Convert Your Social Media Followers to Customers, giving readers access to trade secrets and her proven conversion process in her new book.  learn how to multiple sales at low cost. Bowman's proven process is splashed across every page giving readers the key to the social media kingdom. And that's why Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington calls, "The Marketing Holy Grail."

March 29 – Bowman's book pirouettes into stores including Barnes & Noble and Walmart. Available to pre-order on Amazon now.

"Growing sales by 38% makes your service one that businesses need to know about," says

Kevin Harrington, Shark Tank.

Picture this. The year is 2021. It's lockdown (again). Everyone's day drinking excessively and generally losing their sh*t while buying all the toilet tissue their money can buy. Because, why food or water, right?! Meanwhile, pre-pandemic social distancing world champion Bowman is spending her time locked away in her cave adapting her business model (also to avoid roommates), saving (business owner) lives, winning multiple awards for said pro bono efforts, and taking the GOLD Stevie Award for Company of the Year 2021.

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Fast-forward months of waiting for designers to revise book cover for the 100th time, then a few more months for all special guests to submit their chapters, and poof, here we are. It is, of course, written in Bowman's unique, eccentric voice. Seriously though, we challenge you to try not to read it in your best British accent.

"Kevin Harrington told me to do a book. So, I did a book.' – says a shrugging Bowman, very profoundly, who then 'snaughs' (snort-laugh at own joke), adding, "On a serious note, your social media followers should be considered hot leads. Because they are. So, why wouldn't you be converting them to increase sales?!"   Bowman met Harrington on the Shark Tank edition of the Simonetta Lein Show, which attracted over 9.5 million viewers.

Grab your copy now on Amazon (, Walmart (, or Barnes & Noble.

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Social media marketing packages that convert clients' social media followers into customers by fusing behavioral, marketing, and social media science.  How to Convert Your Social Media Followers to Customers, is its baby. A step-by-step guide that anyone can implement themselves to start converting their social media fans to increase sales. Expect to see it on all best-sellers lists by June 2022.


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