Sex Lies and DNA what has White America produced?
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My Birth Certificate was a flat out lie. I was not the little girl from Gulfport with just honey brown skin. I was not the little girl who tried to straighten her curls. I was Val with a biological change in my mental
makeup all because I spit into a DNA test tube.

I lost my fake false identity. I lost my race. I was raised white. To think white. To see white. My mother's lie took me on a road of self-discovery that I

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must share. In order to heal and move past my racial beginnings I confront the truth about racial relations and how every family has a voice in who we have become. My story started prior to the racial debate on full display in 2020. My look on the inside is a window of opportunity to help enlighten both Americas to our truths in racial justice and equality.
Did I change as a human being? Was my white husband of 30 years shocked to find his wife is a half black woman and not the white girl her mother forced upon her? Is there a difference in our races? Or did I discover we really are all the same?
Was I able to forgive my mother for causing such deep pain that still resides deep in my soul with every breathe I take?

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Source: Valrie Sommerville

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