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For years USA has been complaining that foreign Governments haven't put forth any efforts to reduce Greenhouse Gases. For several months select foreign Countries have put forth the effort using the ECOFuelMax Pollution Solution reducing POLLUTION

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Floridant -- Realizing the need to reduce the black smoke Pollution and excessive maintenance caused by dirty fuels, Countries tested are installing and have been surpassing the United States. They have been installing ECO Fuel Systems on their Government owned Buses, Trucks, Heavy Mining Equipment and other vehicles weekly. Every ECO Gas or Diesel as per USA Certified Government Grant testing shows it can reduce Carbon Pollution/Particulates and Greenhouse Gases 40% to over 70%.

Foreign Countries like Mongolia, Indonesia and others have been outpacing Pollution Reduction 4 to 1. After realizing the ECO in fact works they have reduced Maintenance, Downtime and Fuel Consumption saving Millions of Dollars in unnecessary pollution.

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Researching and learning the made in USA ECOFuelMax Pollution Solution aka the ECO Fuel System was CARB Approved and proven to work 100% of the time. They began ordering hundreds of the low cost units weekly. Results have been a 70%+ reduction in Carbon Pollution/Particulates and a Fuel savings in many instances in excess of 15%.

Why don't our Leaders want to reduce the Carbon Pollution/Greenhouse Gases on the existing +/-1 Billion petroleum vehicles used in the USA daily?  Cutting back on traditional fuels has caused the World's inflation to go through the roof. It may take decades before Electric vehicles replace Carbon or Petroleum based fuels? Even if you heat your home with electric, 61% of the United States power is created by Fossil fuels.

Multiple foreign Countries are utilizing is the ECO Fuel System because it works. For only a few hundred dollars it will pay for itself in short order (+/-30 days), while reducing Greenhouse Gases and Black Carbon Pollution exhausts IMMEDIATLY. The ECO has been CARB Approved and BBB A+ rated 10+ years.

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The opportunity is the ECOFuelMax, it is available today The ECO is a Patented, Guaranteed, No Risk product (BBB A+). It works based on the principle of electrolysis, causing all fuels to burn more combustible and cleaner. No Chemicals or Maintenance is needed, it can last 20+ years, ROI +/-30 Days.

Where is the US Government, once the leader? Electric may be the future, fossil fuels are here today! All vehicle owners have an opportunity to act on their own and install an ECO. Please inform your Legislature and Representatives. For information go online (, call or email us. GO GREEN – Burn Clean and Save Money!

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