Prominent Orlando Yoga Instructor Overcomes Hardships, COVID-19 to Launch New Mind-Body Practice
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Krista Shirley returns to coaching and instruction with Olotita, her new practice focused on achieving wholeness through unity of mind, body and spirit

ORLANDO, Fla. - Floridant -- Even in the depths of her pain, with hope a far-off glimmer, Krista Shirley knew she'd one day return to teaching others about achieving health through total embracement of their mind, body and soul.

Shirley, a prominent Orlando yoga instructor who operated The Yoga Shala for 12 years, has returned in full force with the launch of Olotita, her new mind-body practice that guides clients to live in abundance, prosperity and success. Using tools such as nutrition, meditation, yoga, breathwork and life coaching, she works to help others achieve Olotita ("wholeness" in Greek) by replenishing their energies and purpose.

Shirley has more than two decades' experience teaching personal well-being through yoga and other holistic means. The Yoga Shala had hundreds of clients prior to its closure in April 2021, an outcome of COVID-19 and Shirley's being nearly disabled by a failed shoulder surgery. After numerous follow-up surgeries and a period marked by deep depression, she began planning how to recreate her offerings to help others.

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"I disappeared for nearly two years, and return with an exceptionally clear vision about partnering with people to create accountability for their lives, which starts with taking responsibility for mind and health," Shirley said. "My programs empower clients to achieve self-mastery ( through knowledge and inspiration, and attain wholeness, or Olotita, through physical discipline, and diving deep into mental and spiritual health."

Shirley partners with clients through individual counseling, classes and group retreats. She is launching a six-week online course, starting June 1, that will provide a step-by-step process to losing weight, getting healthy and learning self-regulation tools for lifelong use.

Having led yoga and meditation adventure tours worldwide, she is offering a 15-day retreat through Turkey Oct. 1-15. Attendees can experience daily yoga and meditation classes, exciting tours, and stays in seven Turkish cities.

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Shirley offers free advice and tutorials through her YouTube channel (, which has nearly 80,000 subscribers. Much of her personal mentorship with clients is done online. The disciplines of physicality, mindfulness and spirituality know no borders. Their combination is potent for driving personal control, leveraging concentration and overcoming life's obstacles.

"Olotita, or wholeness, is the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole, which is our mind, body and spirit acting in total unity," Shirley said. "If we master the skill of self-practice with each of these, we can achieve a fulfilling life. Often it just takes guidance – which is what my Olotita practice is all about."

More information about Olotita is available by calling (407) 506-4626 or visiting

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