Palmetto57 Volkswagen of Miami, FL Sued For Not Disclosing Flood Damaged Bentley To Buyer
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Gene Reliford has announced filing litigation against Palmetto57 Volkswagen of Miami, Florida (America Arbitration Association Case 01-21-0002-6910). The suite was filed on November 19th, 2021, including cause for action under FDUTPA and Breach

MIAMI - Floridant -- n June 25, 2020 the consumer, Gene Reliford went to Palmetto57 Volkswagen of Miami, Florida to purchase a high-end luxury vehicle .  The salesman immediately directed Reliford's attention to the Bentley Continental, represented as the proprietor's meticulously maintained personal vehicle.  It was explained to Reliford that upon Palmetto57's acquisition of the vehicle, the proprietor identified the vehicle as being a superior automobile, a conclusion made after his thorough inspection utilizing his vast experience in the industry and acquired skill sets. The vehicle was driven daily only by the proprietor, as "he only drives exceptionally maintained high-end vehicles".  The salesman when on to explain that the vehicle was in perfect condition, never having any accidents or repaired damage, certainly no mention of any negative history.

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Having been given assurance by the dealership as to the vehicle's exceptional condition resulting from the proprietor's formidable maintenance, Reliford ultimately agreed to purchase the vehicle with an "As Is" warranty exclusion.

Within a few days, severe electrical failure rendered the Bentley inoperable.  Reliford contacted Palmetto57 and got them to agree to pay for the repair costs.  After several hours/days/weeks spent with mechanics, Bentley specialists and insurance appraisers, all repair attempts were unsuccessful. This was how Reliford learned the cause of the problems, they were a direct result of severe flood damage.  These are the facts the dealership neglectfully omitted causing the violation of several laws and statues:
i.   The Vehicle was actually acquired from a local automobile auction, (salvage title)
ii.   The vehicle sustained severe flood damage rendering the vehicle non-operable.
iii.   The dealership breached the "As-Is" warranty the moment they omitted the factual history.

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After several hours/days/weeks spent with mechanics, Bentley specialists and insurance appraisers, Reliford respectfully attempted to remedy the situation by suggesting a simple cancelation of the sales contract and returning the vehicle in exchange for full consideration of expenses be reimbursed by the dealership to Reliford.  With haste the dealer decided to deny wrongdoing and decline to consider Reliford's proposal.

Reliford now forced to take legal action, he has brought his case to the American Arbitration Association with the ultimate goal of resolving this matter.

Gene Reliford is a South Florida businessman who operates several companies.
The law offices E.I. Friedman, PA of 10633 N. Kendall Drive, Miami, FL are representing Mr. Reliford in the matter of Gene Reliford v. VW1, LLC dba Palmetto57 Volkswagen.

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