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As the real estate market changes, one local agent has mastered the art of "Target Marketing" to expose their properties to the most opportune buyers, thus selling them for more money.

ORLANDO, Fla. - Floridant -- If you've followed the Orlando real estate market for a while, Phil Holliday is considered to be one of the most respected agents in town when it comes to marketing homes to sell for the most amount of money. Now, he's one-upped himself with the latest addition to his advertising arsenal with what he calls his "Target Marketing" approach.

Will Fourth Quarter Sales Slowdown

Traditional home sales dwindle in the fourth quarter of the year. Many reasons are attributed to this such as vacations, seasonal holidays, and sporting events.

How low Inventory affects You.

Inventory was already at a low, which can make it challenging for buyers in the market, but there is hope for clients who are knowledgeable about being educated in the marketing of buying and selling a home.

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Advantage of using the Perfect Home Finder Program

The best marketing strategy can be to obtain premarket, unlisted homes that only you as the buyer will have access to and consequently find the most opportune buyer that fits your home's criteria.

This program allows you to find your Perfect Home while we find a buyer for you, without countless people going through your house while you are trying to enjoy time with your family.

Avoiding the pitfalls of Bidding Wars.

Once a home hits the public marketplace, it often will get over 5 purchase offers, and the buyers keep driving the price higher and higher. In this area, we see houses selling for FAR more than they are worth because of these bidding wars. The Perfect Home Finder Program aims to help clients avoid these bidding wars by connecting them with homes before they are publicly listed.

Personalized Service that helps you buy or sell a home.

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With our Perfect Home Finder program, we'll find the EXACT type of home your family wants in the exact area you are most interested in, and we will work with the home sellers directly. This allows you to gain access to pre-market houses that nobody else knows are for sale. No longer will you have to look at the leftover houses online.

Target Marketing is the only way to go.

With our approach, you'll get access to houses right here in the local market and you'll be the FIRST buyer to know about the home sale! This program focuses on a more personalized and proactive marketing approach to help clients find their perfect home.

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