Nue Life Health, a Next-Gen Mental Wellness Platform, Makes Three Key Hires Amid Continued Growth
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MIAMI, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Nue Life Health, a breakthrough mental wellness company, today announced three significant hires following the company's successful Series A fundraise: Lynn Marie Morski, MD, as medical director, Anjali Ahearn as General Counsel, and Mary

Lamazares as Safety and Compliance Officer. The three women will be crucial in helping Nue Life continue to provide accessible, at-home ketamine treatment and virtual aftercare programs to effectively treat the root causes of mental health issues.

"At Nue Life, we're revolutionizing mental health treatment with whole-person care and evidence-based therapies that catalyze healing and growth," said Christina Getty, Co-founder of Nue Life Health. "We are thrilled to have these incredible women join our diverse team, and it's evident that Dr. Morski, Anjali Ahearn, and Mary Lamazares have a clear vision and share in our mission to create a new paradigm for mental health."

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, co-founder & president of the Psychedelic Medicine Association, joins Nue Life as Medical Director. Dr. Morski worked as a physician at the Department of Veterans Affairs for nine years and was an adjunct professor of health law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Dr. Morski is passionate about helping educate physicians and patients on the life-changing healing that psychedelic medicines can provide. She founded the Psychedelic Medicine Podcast and the Psychedelic Medicine Association to promote education on the evidence-based use of psychedelic therapeutics. As Medical Director, she will help Nue Life grow its medical team, continually elevate its standard of care, and expand operations across states.

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"While working at the Department of Veterans Affairs, I saw the intense suffering that can result when mental health treatments don't effectively address the root of a patient's condition," said Dr. Morski. "I've seen first-hand the mind and body transformation that is possible when psychedelic medicines are able to address those root causes, and on that front, I'm excited to bring Nue Life's innovative technology and comprehensive approach to healing to patients nationwide."

Anjali Ahearn joins Nue Life as general counsel, bringing years of experience as an in-house healthcare attorney focusing on digital health, telemedicine, and behavioral health. She has worked with companies both large and small, including BetterHelp, and is passionate about increasing access to healthcare solutions through non-traditional modalities and therapeutics. As general counsel, Ahearn will be leading Nue Life's government affairs strategy and commercial matters.

Mary Lamazares, LMHC, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with extensive experience providing psychotherapy to both children and adults. Lamazares' clinical work includes the treatment of substance use disorders, depression, and anxiety in both inpatient and outpatient settings. As Nue Life's Safety and Compliance Officer, Lamazares will ensure Nue Life's medical procedures support safe and meaningful patient outcomes.

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"We are so excited about the future of Nue Life and look forward to continuing to grow and expand with the help of our Dr. Morski, Anjali Ahearn and Mary Lamazares by our side," said Getty.

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Nue Life Health Inc. (Nue Life) is a comprehensive telehealth platform that strengthens and improves mental wellness by enhancing brain function, performance, and longevity through innovative, evidence-based therapies. Launched in 2021, the company currently offers at-home ketamine therapy, virtual integration groups, and individual health coaching, easily accessible via telemedicine in California, Colorado, Florida, Washington, New York, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Nue Life will offer services in an additional 20 states by the end of 2022. For more information, please visit

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