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Electric vehicles are being promoted with vigor. Charging station are far and few between, if you can locate one that is available.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Floridant -- Elon Musk has stated it may take decades before petroleum fuel is replaced. With abundant petroleum resources why is our Government trying to shut it down before a working solution is available? Fuel prices are the highest in history. There are proven working opportunities to reducing Fuel Consumption (+/-10%) and Greenhouse Gases (40%-70%+). The ECOFuelMax solution is CARB Approved; our Government has been using it for 10+ years.

It's a very cold winter and those who own an electric vehicle can tell you Electric vehicles do not operate in cold temperatures. The Tesla Electric car is an engineering marvel, with limitations and is very expensive. It requires power to heat or cool the batteries. Elon Must a World leader that helps send Astronauts into space, will hopefully find a viable solution in the near future. The creation of Lithium batteries (77% made in China) also produce Greenhouse Gases. It may take years due to manufacturing and charging before emissions are carbon neutral. Until then petroleum fuel is the only answer, our Government should not ignore helping its citizens who work hard and depend on their Gasoline and Diesel vehicles. All petroleum vehicles can reduce Greenhouse Gases and save fuel (+/-10%) Today!

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No politics here! We need to act Now! Many Government agencies have successfully tested the ECOFuelMax Pollution Solution, Aka the ECO Fuel System. Transit Bus operations in Florida and Truckers have logged a $3,000+ annual savings in maintenance and a 8%+ reduction in fuel consumption. The onetime cost for a Bus is $425, it can last 20+ years, no chemicals or maintenance.  Any Municipality, Trucking Company or Individual can save money by Reducing Pollution, its simple, No Chemicals or Maintenance needed. The ECO treats fuel utilizing the principle of Electrolysis, No Warranty issues. It causes fuel to burn more combustible, cleaner and efficiently.

The cost of a few hundred dollars depending on motor size, will more than pay for itself in savings, it's guaranteed, CARB Approved made in the USA. Why are our local leaders more focused on Government Grants to find solutions to reducing Carbon Particulates rather than acting today to reduce Pollution using a system they have successfully tested? Federal Agencies like the US Border Patrol/Homeland Security and NASA as well as multiple cities all showed a reduction in Carbon Pollution/Particulates.

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The future is in our hands. We invite everyone to test their vehicles to prove it works, No Risk, BBB A+ rated. For test results, certification or information go online ( or call and speak with a human. GO GREEN – Burn Clean!

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