Miami-based Digital Media Company Infoxir Launches in December 2022
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MIAMI - Floridant -- Infoxir stands for information elixir. The company offers weekday morning digital newsletters with curated content that is aggregated to become actionable insights. That's the ultimate goal of Infoxir: promoting expansive thinking by bringing to light the distilled information that professionals need to predict future trends and discover hidden patterns.

Maria Lorca-Susino is the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Infoxir, LLC. She explained: "Having been in academia for more than 20 years, I have realized that one critical key to successful research is knowing where to tap in for data and content and how to identify reliable sources of data. In today's digital era, there is a treasure of content spread throughout the Web, much of which is extremely valuable and high quality. Yet it tends to be discarded in favor of paid content from the same common and often repetitive sources." Infoxir searches and sorts through thousands of free sources of information, distills the high quality, actionable insights, and then disseminates it every morning in a digital email newsletter.

Economic Research and Insights is Infoxir´s first newsletter. Subscribers receive the latest research papers from universities, central banks and think tanks, policy-making speeches, the most influential economic blogs, trending social media posts and breaking international news. It delivers content that is differentiated from traditional news sources that simply focus on popular topics. Economic Research and Insights fosters both economic thinking and research process. It is ideal for academic research as well as strategic decision making for regular people who are confronted with economic choices in their daily lives.

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"I'm excited to be one of the first subscribers to this valuable economic newsletter," said Rubén Manso, a PhD in economics and lawyer who possesses deep expertise in international economic regulation and whose experience spans government, academia and consulting. As the founder of the advisory firm on financial regulation ("Mansolivar") and as spokesman for the Economic Affairs Committee of the Spanish Congress of Deputies, of which he is a member, Dr. Manso is often in need of the most mission-critical insights. He explains, "Economic Research and Insights is my new one-stop shop for my daily economic insights that I leverage in my day-to-day research and strategic needs in my profession, and a true intellectual treat that I look forward to every morning and I am sure one day, it will become a mainstream tool in the economic field."

As Infoxir brings on board new expert topic editors and receives feedback from subscribers on the issues that matter to them most, the company plans to roll out other digital newsletters that will cover trending or strategic topics that today's decision makers need to understand.

As professor in the Economics Department at the University of Miami, Dr. Lorca-Susino has a unique perspective on how to identify meaningful information and is dedicated to ensuring that a broader spectrum of professionals can benefit from it. She noted, "The time it takes to comb through publicly available sources and the high cost of multiple subscriptions to low-value media outlets can be prohibitive for professionals looking to keep up with their fields, gain new information, or build a deep base of insight in their fields. Infoxir fills that space."

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About Infoxir LLC:

Infoxir is a Miami-based digital media company that gathers and disseminates curated, thematic content straight to your inbox every weekday morning.

Infoxir, LLC
66 West Flagler St – Suite 900
Miami, FL 33130
Tel.:          +1 (855) 313-3757
Fax.:          +1 (786) 523 0629
Web site:

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