Mental Bootcamp: Kicking the Sugar Habit
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NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. - Floridant -- (February 24, 2021 – North Palm Beach, FL) There are three main challenges people have when they try to kick sugar. The first challenge is wondering why they have sugar cravings in the first place, and why those cravings feel out of control. Traditional nutritionists view  food in calories and grams of fat. In my opinion that is only one way to look at food. Another way is the concept referred to as "The polarity of food".   And just what does that mean?

The concept of polarity is simple. It is based upon the principle that everything has two polarities or extremes. For example, hot and cold are extremes of the pole called temperature. It is the same way with every apparent opposite: hard, soft, noisy and quiet, light and dark, good and bad, love and fear. When you find one thing, you will also find the potential for its opposite.

So to to look at the world through the lens of polarity is to look at it in pairs: dark/light, day/night, yin/yang, male/female, etc.  So how does this concept apply to food? First we consider that food is more than a simply fuel. Food has energetic qualities that are beyond the science of mechanics of calories, fat grams, and nutrient values. For example, leafy greens grow upward, so they have a lifting energy, whereas root vegetables, like potato or squash, grow deep into the ground, so they have a grounding energy.

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So what does the polarity of food look like? Where does the inherent energetic quality of different foods fall on the spectrum? And how might this polarity in your food actually be creating your cravings? You have foods that represent this energy of expansive bliss such as: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy and to some extent fruit. The energy of these foods make you feel light, relaxed and happy-blissful.

But when you eat too many bliss foods you start to feel spacey, maybe even a little forgetful then, on the other extreme take the contracted tension foods. These foods are contracting versus expansive. Examples of these foods are salt, eggs and red meat. These are the kinds of foods that put meat on your bones. They make you feel grounded, focused, aggressive, but when you eat too many you start to feel tight, agitated and perhaps even angry.

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