Locally Filmed TV Series Now Streaming on Amazon Prime Video
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OCALA, Fla. - Floridant -- 'Backstreet' is a project written and directed by Tekulve Jackson with help from Theresia Jackson and local actors, songwriters, cinematographers, and producers. Based in Ocala, the fictional narratives portray hardships such as relationship issues, mental health, and survivalist stories that many can relate to. Streaming of the series is now available on Amazon Prime Video and will soon be available on Tubi.

In 2016, Tekulve Jackson created the storyline for "Backstreet" and pitched it to his wife, Theresia Jackson, and their friend, Paralympic medalist Regas Woods. "Backstreet" provides local talent with an opportunity to show off their abilities, allowing them to pursue their dreams of filming, acting, directing, and being a part of something creative and entertaining. Despite the Jacksons' efforts with family and friends, it became apparent that they needed more help. A four-year break from filming allowed them to regroup, while working full-time jobs, upgrade their equipment, and get in touch with local filmmakers and videographers. Later, cinematographers Christin Hayes and GBG Photography (Governor Jamal Mosley) joined them.

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This series will take you on a journey with Q, who struggles to accept the past and reconcile his emotions. A decision that could change Q's life is forced upon him as he is divided between loyalties. In order to make the right choices and secure his future, Q must navigate conflicting allegiances. In communities like Backstreet, trauma, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses do not present the same and are often misjudged.

What some people see as "acting out" is actually coping with the community's inherent problems. In "Backstreet," the audience is taken on an emotional roller coaster, questioning forgiveness and revenge's implications. "Backstreet" not only provides a thrilling ride of emotions but also challenges viewers to consider their perspectives on morality and justice. "Backstreet" is unique because the cast is locals who seldom share their skills. Originally a team of 2-3 performers, "Backstreet" now includes 40 or more talented actors, actresses, and cinematographers. It's the first of many projects to come.


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