Latino show 'Haciendo Negocios' launches digital networking platform on their 5-year anniversary
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The international networking and referral program goes beyond the show, magazine and events they had until now including referral forums and a 3D platform for professionals worldwide to interact called 'Business Connections'.

ORLANDO, Fla. - Floridant -- The platform 'Haciendo Negocios' turns 5 years and is celebrating with the launch of an online networking and referral platform shortly after launching their digital magazine. The brand that has grown into a recognized online show with thousands of viewers on Facebook Live is now launching as of the beginning of September a networking site with a free membership called 'Haciendo Negocios' and a paid one called 'Business Connections'. This last one includes networking opportunities in a 3D world with events, private locations for meetings and your own customized avatar.

"Through the years, we have connected professionals with knowledge and valuable relationships" said CPA Gustavo Torres, founder of Haciendo Negocios. "Covid has given us the opportunity to expand the international audience that was already growing and create something that works for all of them". Deisamar De Soto-Torres, co-founder and host of the show said: "People loved going to our educational events for and network with the professionals and business owners they met there, now, we're giving them the opportunity to do it on a bigger scale".

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The platform also wants to become a connection between chambers of commerce, government entities and professional associations worldwide and a link for collaboration between them and those professionals and business owners who participate in the platform. Some of the benefits of joining include referral forums and teams on a local and international level, discounts on advertising in all of the 'Haciendo Negocios' platforms, access to forums of discussion, a directory of businesses, discounts on services from members, exposure as experts through the platform's blog and much more.

Their goal is to connect and facilitate business opportunities on a local and international level while strengthening the capacity to grow and stay strong for companies all over. Viewed as a center for business from the beginning, 'Haciendo Negocios ( 'and now their 'Business Connections' platform offers the tools and expertise that has allowed their participants and audience to grow for the last 5 years.

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