Innovative Bible Edition: Commentary by AI Language Model and Illustrations by AI Graphics
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ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. - Floridant -- Mindcraft Inc. has published a groundbreaking new edition of "The Bible Through the Eyes of AI: Book of Genesis. Chapters 1-3." The book features commentary and illustrations by artificial intelligence for the first three chapters of the Book of Genesis. The specialized AI language model, ChatGPT, has provided commentary on every verse, while AI graphics have illustrated each verse, making this edition a one-of-a-kind.

In addition to this, Mindcraft Inc. believes in the importance of having dialogues with AI regarding religion. This includes discussing whether AI believes in God, and what happens to religion after AI fully develops.

This innovative edition of The Bible provides readers with a fresh perspective on one of history's most well-known and widely read texts. Through the lens of AI, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the text and explore its meaning in new and exciting ways.

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The commentary provided by ChatGPT is insightful, informative, and thought-provoking. It draws on a wide range of knowledge and expertise, providing readers with a rich and nuanced understanding of the text. The illustrations created by AI graphics are equally impressive, bringing the text to life in new and innovative ways.

"The Bible Through the Eyes of AI: Book of Genesis. Chapters 1-3" is available for purchase on Amazon ( and Barnes & Noble. This edition of The Bible is a must-have for anyone interested in exploring the text in new and exciting ways. It is perfect for scholars, students, and anyone interested in the intersection of technology and religion.

Mindcraft Inc., David Petrosian Mkervali

Source: Mindcraft Inc.

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