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As a customer since 2015 I have only GREAT things to report about InkXPro

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Floridant -- As a business with multiple printers from HP, Canon and Epson, on all my Inkjet printers I was using 10 or more cartridges weekly. I investigated on reloading my ink jet cartridges through other companies on the Internet. I was very dissatisfied not only by the lack of quality but the ink bath and the wasted ink I experienced each and every time.

Having the need to reduce expenses, I gave it one more chance after learning of InkXPro. I ordered one CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) system and was shocked by the simplicity of installation and high quality of the print after installation.

I have installed the InkXPro CISS on multiple ink jet systems and have had minimal issues or troubles. When I had a problem I called the company and spoke to a human; Andy has always been a cordial knowledgeable friendly professional and has always solved any issues I had.

Recently the original printer that had the CISS system installed on it in 2015 would not print. The feeder line was clogged. I called InkXPro and spoke with Andy. He sent me a replacement feeder line priority mail at no cost.

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After a month or so the feeder line clogged again. I will take the blame. The ink in the reservoir was almost 2 years old and coagulated. That system more than paid for itself 100 times over. I disposed of the old ink put the reservoir in a box and had Andy ship me a new CISS system. Recommendation, Do Not use ink older than 1 year old to keep your printer from clogging.

Now the interesting part, I installed the new CISS system and my printer would not recognize the cartridges, even after multiple attempts to initiate it. What next? I called InkXPro and spoke to my now longtime friend Andy. He chuckled and told me it was the chip. He sent me via priority mail not one but 2 easy to replace chips along with another feeder hose at no charge. What kind of company does that?

If anyone is looking for high quality ink or in my opinion the best CISS system available I strongly recommend going online to ( Thanks again Andy.

(516) 3082299
(516) 3082299

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