Imperato announces he filed his FEC papers to officially run for US President 2024
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Daniel Imperato For President 2024
Daniel Imperato took to the Paul Revere House in downtown Boston to announce his candidature on Mother's Day for the U.S. Presidency in 2024. He emphasized that he is not a regular politician but a pastor, a friar, a Man of God praying for the people, and bringing prayer back into the White House.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Floridant -- Imperato is here to Revive America's Prayer Again! He is a Democratic-Republican Independent Constitutionalist candidate who is determined to restore the Bible and constitutional training in US schools.

Hear Him Out, from Paul Revere House, Boston

Saving The Soul Of America

Daniel Imperato, in fact, is a breath of fresh air! The last time he had run for the U.S. Presidency was way back in 2007 with Ross Perot's team. He first ran for President because he believed that American citizens were in a battle to save the soul of the nation. What followed is history now. The political mafia hounded him until he emerged unscathed, victorious, and hardened as steel.

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The Federal Election Commission of the United States reiterates that fair elections are the foundation of democracy. What you need to understand is that how political mafia can unfairly attack and influence your constitutional rights.

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Imperato today is fully prepared to append the responsibility and take on the mighty to bring back the American soul. Now that he has filed his candidature with the Federal Election Commission as an independent constitutionalist, Imperato is on an extensive countrywide 50-State tour to kickstart and strengthen the grassroots for his campaign.

Mark his words, "We have to go back to the foundation of our country with George Washington and Lincoln in Jefferson in the times when our country was founded."

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Daniel Imperato, a Man of God is a Papal Knight anointed by the Holy See. He is aspiring to serve your cause with global favor bestowed upon him. Imperato is out to convince that he will remain to be the 'The People's President, for the People, every time, and all the time.'

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His experience is purposefully designed by the almighty to bring back the lost American Glory.

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Might alone is not justified without Liberty's blessings! America's founding fathers understood this and established a liberal constitution rooted in biblical principles. However, over time, political leaders veered off course, resulting in a decline.

Now, Daniel emerges to restore God's favor by purifying hearts and minds, fostering a peaceful, prosperous, and sacred existence. The current situation presents an opportunity to embrace grace through prayer.

The Stage is Set and Imperato is Back
'Revive America's Prayer Again'

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