Hurricane Season Preparation Tips for Florida Newcomers and Residents from Home Safe Claims
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Hurricane Damage
TAMPA, Fla. - Floridant -- This year's Hurricane Season commenced on June 1st and concludes on November 30th. With numerous named storms already identified, it is crucial to acknowledge that a single major hurricane has the potential to unleash devastating consequences in Florida.
Before a storm occurs, it's essential to take certain steps to safeguard the home and loved ones in case of an emergency. Florida-based public adjuster, Home Safe Claims, suggests the following precautions:
  • Don't become complacent. Hurricanes can become more intense, change paths at the last minute, and cause damaging effects even if it does not make landfall. Adverse conditions such as storm surge, flooding, high winds, and potential tornados can wreak havoc on properties in the vicinity of the storm center.
  • Fortify homes against high winds. Trim any tree branches that could break off and become projectiles in high winds. Clear away outdoor furniture or other items that could become dangerous when displaced by wind or water. Consider installing hurricane shutters or boarding up windows with plywood for additional protection.
  • Have an evacuation plan in place if the area is prone to storm surge or flooding. Determine if the home is in an evacuation zone and make necessary arrangements ahead of time if ordered to evacuate, including finding shelters with pet-friendly policies if applicable.
  • Get familiar with the chosen insurance policy to understand which type of coverage has been selected to cover potential damage from either wind or flooding caused by hurricanes. Flood damage is not usually covered by traditional homeowners insurance so, for those living in areas prone to floods then purchasing supplemental flood insurance may be recommended for added protection.
  • After a storm, it is important to seek the help of a residential or commercial public adjuster who is qualified in filing insurance claims in Florida. It is essential to hire an experienced company that understands the nuances of different insurance policies and coverages, as this can be a difficult process. Having a professional on board gives the assurance that all appropriate reimbursement claims will be filed accurately and effectively with minimal hassle. Furthermore, the chosen public adjuster will ensure that fair compensation is received for any damage resulting from a storm's destruction. Residential public adjusters can review policy documents, inspect damages, estimate repair costs, negotiate with the insurance company, and settle a claim efficiently. Hiring one can help alleviate much of the stress associated with filing insurance claims post-catastrophe.
Finally, by taking precautionary measures prior to hurricane season as well as being aware of available resources afterwards, residents of Florida can better protect themselves from any potential dangers posed by hurricanes during this time year after year to feel more secure throughout this potentially tumultuous natural event every summer season moving forward into the future.

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