Governor Ron DeSantis Receives 27 Bills from the Florida Legislature
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. ~ TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Governor Ron DeSantis has recently received a number of bills from the Florida Legislature, covering a wide range of topics. The Governor has until June 5, 2024 to make a decision on these bills.

One of the bills, CS/HB 141, focuses on economic development. This bill aims to promote growth and job creation in the state of Florida.

Another bill, CS/CS/HB 1363, deals with traffic enforcement. This legislation aims to improve safety on the roads by implementing stricter measures for traffic violations.

CS/HB 1161 addresses the verification of eligibility for homestead exemption. This bill aims to ensure that only those who are truly eligible receive this tax benefit.

In regards to real estate, CS/CS/HB 1049 focuses on flood disclosure in the sale of property. This bill aims to protect buyers by requiring sellers to disclose any potential flood risks associated with the property.

CS/HB 705 deals with public works projects and aims to streamline the process for completing these projects.

Homeowners' associations are also addressed in several bills, including CS/CS/HB 1203 which seeks to regulate these associations and protect homeowners' rights.

In terms of financial matters, CS/HB 1093 introduces the Florida Uniform Fiduciary Income and Principal Act which aims to provide clarity and consistency in fiduciary law.

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Continuing contracts are addressed in CS/CS/CS/HB 149 which seeks to establish guidelines for these types of agreements.

Low-voltage alarm system projects are covered in CS/HB 535 which aims to ensure proper installation and maintenance of these systems for safety purposes.

Hurricane protections for homeowners' associations are addressed in CS/HB 293 which seeks to provide guidelines for protecting properties during natural disasters.

Building construction regulations and system warranties are covered in CS/HB 481 which aims to ensure quality and safety in construction projects.

HB 59 focuses on the provision of homeowners' association rules and covenants, while HB 7085 addresses sickle cell disease and aims to improve treatment and services for those affected by it.

Mental health treatment and services are covered in HB 7009 which seeks to protect the privacy of individuals seeking mental health treatment.

CS/HB 775 addresses surrendered infants and aims to provide a safe haven for these children.

Dental services are covered in CS/HB 855 which seeks to regulate these services for the safety of patients.

Providers of cardiovascular services are addressed in CS/HB 1259 which aims to ensure quality care for patients with heart conditions.

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CS/CS/HB 385 deals with the safe exchange of minor children during custody arrangements.

Private activity bonds are addressed in CS/SB 7054 which seeks to promote economic development through these bonds.

Protection of specified adults is covered in CS/CS/SB 556 which aims to prevent abuse and exploitation of vulnerable adults.

Expedited approval of residential building permits is addressed in CS/CS/CS/SB 812 which seeks to streamline the process for obtaining building permits.

Occupational licensing is covered in CS/SB 1142 which aims to reduce barriers for individuals seeking employment in certain fields.

Rural emergency hospitals are addressed in CS/SB 644 which seeks to improve access to healthcare in rural areas.

SB 938 focuses on dentistry and aims to regulate this profession for the safety of patients.

Treatment by a medical specialist is covered in CS/CS/SB 808 which seeks to ensure proper training and qualifications for medical specialists providing care to patients.

Lastly, CS/SB 1350 addresses salvage operations and aims to regulate these activities for environmental protection purposes.

In addition, several counties have been designated as areas of critical state concern under CS/CS/SB1456, which aims to address issues related to growth and development in these areas.

Governor DeSantis now has until June 5, 2024 to review and make decisions on these bills, which cover a wide range of important issues for the state of Florida.

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