Governor Ron DeSantis Receives 25 Bills from the Florida Legislature
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. ~ TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Governor Ron DeSantis has recently received a number of bills from the Florida Legislature, which he has until June 22, 2024 to act on. These bills cover a wide range of topics and affect various counties and districts within the state.

One of the bills, CS/HB 755, pertains to the Canaveral Port District in Brevard County. This bill aims to make changes to the district's operations and management.

In Okaloosa County, two bills have been sent to the Governor for consideration. HB 823 focuses on the North Okaloosa Fire District while HB 897 addresses issues within the Dorcas Fire District.

Sarasota County also has two bills awaiting action from Governor DeSantis. HB 1115 pertains to the Three Rivers Stewardship District while HB 1117 concerns the City of North Port.

In Jackson County, CS/CS/HB 1165 is seeking approval for changes within the Town of Sneads.

Pinellas County's Construction Licensing Board is addressed in HB 1483, which aims to make changes to its operations and regulations.

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Monroe County's Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority is also included in this list with CS/HB 1571 seeking changes for its operations.

Other bills that have been sent to Governor DeSantis include HB 73 which addresses supported decision-making authority, CS/CS/CS/HB 1021 which focuses on community associations, and CS/HB 87 which pertains to taking of bears.

Additionally, CS/HB 7019 seeks an exemption for homesteads while CS/HB 429 deals with real property. Health care practitioners are affected by CS/CS/HB 975 which addresses background screening requirements and mental health and substance abuse are covered in CS/CS/HB7021.

Relief for Julia Perez from St. Johns County Sheriff's Office is the focus of CS/HB 6007 while Santa Rosa County has three bills awaiting action from Governor DeSantis. These include HB 1573 for Pace Fire Rescue District, HB 1575 for Avalon Beach-Mulat Fire Protection District, and HB 1577 for Midway Fire District.

Lastly, CS/CS/HB 273 addresses public records, HB 849 focuses on veterinary practices, and CS/HB 303 pertains to rabies vaccinations. Two bills, CS/SB 1698 and CS/SB 362, address food and hemp products and medical treatment under the workers' compensation law respectively.

Governor DeSantis now has until June 22, 2024 to review and act on these bills that have been sent to him by the Florida Legislature.

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