GET's Dain L. Schult, Announces Continued Research on South of the Border Saturday Night
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Floridant -- Global Entertainment Technology, Inc., ("GET"), has announced continued research on the development of another Saturday night program with its syndication wing, The Miracle Wonderland Radio Company.

GET CEO, Dain L. Schult
, remarked, "Regional border music formats tie to specialty programming element encapsulating Border Radio that started in the 1920's.

"Border Radio created a style that developed personality disc jockeys and Country music. Western Swing and Appalachian bluegrass joined forces while Tejano and Banda music also gained popularity on both sides of the border.

"'Border blasters' were to target the US broadcasting from border towns in Mexico. This is a North American creation and describes Mexican AM stations reaching large parts of the US and Canada.  Unlike pirate radio stations, border blasters were actually licensed in Mexico up through the 1970's.

"While the Mexican and US governments  didn't particularly like them, the blasters flourished. Mexican government regulations required these blasters to air La Hora Nacional ("The Mexican National Hour") every Sunday evening and to also play the Mexican National Anthem at Midnight and 6 AM. They were also required to give the top of the hour station identification in Spanish.

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"South of the Border Saturday Night is a paean to personalities like Wolfman Jack who reached their stride broadcasting from South of the Border to gain national and even international attention, fame and acclaim.  In 1973 blaster XERB became famous when George Lucas featured it in his motion picture American Graffiti with Wolfman Jack as the disc jockey. He actually got his start at the border blaster in Ciudad Acuna across the Rio Grande River from Del Rio, Texas.

"With all the research complete, South of the Border Saturday Night will be available for syndication domestically and internationally."

GET is designed to be global friendly and initiative-taking in all things media and especially Internet Radio. It will also be involved in live entertainment, sound systems for concerts and talent product development. We can provide "last mile" services to satellite Internet/Wi-Fi providers as well. This also now includes various elements of book publishing and marketing along with worldwide media events.

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The Company also offers various specialized  global consulting services including introducing parties who have viable business deals of all various sorts around the world with others who can help get those deals funded through GET's network of entrepreneurs and funders.

("GET," "South of the Border" and "The Miracle Wonderland Radio Company" and all of its other formats and programs are servicemarks of Global Entertainment Technology, Inc., © copyright 2023 Global Entertainment Technology, Inc., All Rights Reserved)

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