From the sixth Chakra to Machine Learning
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New book just released by Diego Gosmar on valuable Machine Learning and AI applications, covering Sentiment Analysis predictions, Speech and Biometric Recognition, and many other real useful examples where data science can be applied.

WESTON, Fla. - Floridant -- It is called Ajna in Sanskrit language or more commonly "the third eye". It is the power of intuition or the ability to use a real muscle or part of the brain. Located in correspondence with the pineal gland - according to the Hindu tradition - to expand the awareness of the subconscious mind and visualize what we would normally not be able to predict.

The third eye is likely to be "trainable" through practices such as meditation and other ancient techniques.

What does all this have to do with modern machine learning?

Well, it is interesting to glimpse a strong analogy between the sixth chakra and today's machine learning models: just as the third eye is used in the spiritual sphere to train the capacity of human intuition, the mathematical-statistical sciences are adopted to amplify the learning through algorithms developed by the machines.

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Therefore, Sanskrit and Math have something in common :-)

Artificial intelligence is going to enhance every aspect of our business and society so much that it is expected to add at least 15 trillion dollars to the world economy by 2030. The Covid emergency is expected to further accelerate the adoption of AI and it will play a central role both in the business processes as well as business models of companies.

Given the increasingly exponential amount of data that companies have access to, Machine Learning becomes the key to harness the riches of the data gold mines at their disposal.

All this is becoming possible today, however let's not forget that our human mind is very powerful and still largely unused: the power of the third eye says so!

Machine learning and AI can really unlock new valuable opportunities.

In the full book, we will see how it's possible to use machines to recognize information within data, so as to make complex predictions of extreme interest either for business or ethical purposed.

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Check-out here to get the full book!

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ISBN: 979-8674459958

About the author: Diego Gosmar is a manager with over 20 years of experience in the ICT sector and a writer with passion for innovation. Diego's experience is linked to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with particular attention to speech analysis, sentiment analysis and customer service applications through advanced forecasting and IVR models.

Currently part of the INGO group, in 2010 Diego and his partners were rewarded for having founded Xenialab: best innovative start-up at the I3P incubator of the Turin Polytechnic University.

Diego Gosmar

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