Former Marine Sergeant Michael J. Rotch Launches Life Coaching Program, Helping People Find Their Voice
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Helping private citizens and active and former military personnel level up their careers and find balance in family and faith.

NEW YORK - Floridant -- As a former US Military Sergeant with six years served in the Marine Corp Reserves, Michael's path to success is a testament to faith, grit, and drive. Faced with uncertainty in a post-military career, Michael challenged conventional paths to find opportunities that matched his interest.

He set a route to make education work for him in his time. While pursuing his finance journey, Michael's jobs ranged from food service positions to technical industrial occupations. All of which accumulated into a foundational understanding of how people interact with their peers, how different interaction strategies between lower and upper-level employees affect a company's and individual's progress, and how decisions are made at all levels.

"There's value to living life, working hard, and figuring out a different path. Along the way, you learn to see around corners and push forward. People have value just for being who they are, and that value is not set by their circumstances, background, or the people in their life. I want people to see the value they can provide. I want people to use their unique skills to maximize their returns [personally and professionally]." Particularly for those with a military background: "The experiences that many veterans have can lead them to feel defined by their uniform and rank and that they need to 'recreate' a new version of themselves. It can be overwhelming. I can challenge all of those assumptions in a way that can create a new and exciting path forward for interested veterans."

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Michael offers a coaching experience to understand what moves people into action and keeps them in stagnation. His own life provided first-hand knowledge of how unhealthy family dynamics or a crisis in faith can simultaneously throw everything into a whirlwind and cement people into inaction. Michael provides strategies to assess opportunities, develop a clear sense of self, and recognize how to practice self-care to give yourself room to grow effectively.

"I spent the better part of 20 years hearing how I couldn't do things, shouldn't do things, or would be damned if I somehow did do those things. I was told I wasn't 'right.' I want to share that the best way for people to care for [others] is to care for themselves."

That drive to help people find and fulfill their purpose ultimately led Michael to synthesize this accumulation of life lessons into his programs. "Believing that your best outcome is a real possibility will unlock the limitless capabilities."

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