Florida’s Nonprofit State Association and Association of Grantmakers Elevate Florida’s Nonprofit and Philanthropic Community
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. ~ Jacksonville, Fla. - Florida's nonprofit and philanthropic sectors are poised for success thanks to groundbreaking data provided by the Florida Nonprofit Alliance (FNA) and the Florida Philanthropic Network (FPN). This data, which is currently only available in Florida, includes information on the transfer of wealth within the state, charitable giving trends, and growing generosity among individuals under 45.

The research conducted by FNA and FPN focused on understanding donors and potential donors, their motivations for giving, their perceptions of nonprofit effectiveness, and how they compare to national trends. The studies also examined various forms of generosity including monetary donations, donations of items, and volunteer time. Additionally, the research looked at contributions to a variety of organizations such as individuals, informal groups, and more.

FNA's full portfolio of research on Florida's giving trends can be viewed here while FPN's report on the state's transfer of wealth can be found here.

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Sabeen Perwaiz, president & CEO of Florida Nonprofit Alliance expressed the importance of this research for the future planning of nonprofits in the state. "Our nonprofits play a crucial role in meeting the needs of our communities as Florida continues to experience rapid population growth," said Perwaiz. "Thanks to research like this, our sector is able to plan for the future with a thoughtful strategy that incorporates fundraising, impact assessment, and outreach efforts. It is essential that nonprofits embrace innovation and utilize data and technology to advance their missions."

Ashley Dietz, president & CEO of Florida Philanthropic Network emphasized the need for long-term planning in community economic development. "Developing a strategy to retain just a portion of a region's transfer of wealth needs to start now," said Dietz. "By 2030, it is estimated that $884 billion will transfer from one generation to the next in Florida alone. This presents an opportunity for local organizations to plan for population shifts and areas of growth. Community Foundations across the state are already implementing strategies to retain a portion of this wealth, but it is something that all organizations should consider."

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Mark Wilson, president and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, highlighted the vital role that nonprofits play in the state's economy. "As we work towards growing Florida's economy to become the 10th largest in the world, a strong nonprofit sector is crucial," said Wilson. "Nonprofits enable private sector strategies and solutions, which are often more efficient and effective than government initiatives. It is clear that nonprofits are essential to our continued economic growth and diversification."

With over 22,710 nonprofits generating more than $116 billion in annual revenue, employing 456,800 individuals, and paying out $27.5 billion in annual wages, it is evident that Florida's nonprofit sector is a significant contributor to the state's economy. As Florida continues to grow and evolve, it is essential for nonprofits to adapt and utilize data-driven strategies to continue making a positive impact on their communities.
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