Florida 22nd Statewide Grand Jury Releases First Report, Finds Masks and Lockdowns Were Harmful and Ineffective
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. ~ In a preliminary report released by the 22nd Statewide Grand Jury, it has been found that nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) such as masks and lockdowns have been ineffective in controlling the spread of COVID-19. The report, which was requested by Governor DeSantis on December 13, 2022, also highlighted roadblocks faced by the jury in their investigation due to the refusal of key entities to testify.

The report stated that there was already a wealth of scientific information available on NPIs and their consequences before the outbreak of COVID-19. However, this information was largely ignored or attacked by mainstream public health and media entities in the early months of the pandemic. The jury concluded that this was not an "information" problem but rather a "judgment" problem.

Furthermore, the report noted that lockdowns were not a successful strategy in controlling the spread of the virus. Comparative data showed that jurisdictions that implemented strict lockdown measures had higher overall excess mortality rates compared to those who targeted their efforts towards high-risk groups instead.

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The issue of safety and efficacy was also addressed in the report. It emphasized that a comprehensive evaluation of both risk and benefit is necessary when determining the safety of a biological product like a vaccine. This includes considering the severity and impact of the disease it is designed to address.

The effectiveness of masks against SARS-CoV-2 transmission was also called into question by the jury. They stated that there has never been sound evidence to support their use and public health agencies failed to adequately explain this to the public. Additionally, concerns were raised about different types of masks and their potential efficacy, as well as individual adherence to mask recommendations.

The report also highlighted concerns about inflated hospitalization numbers related to COVID-19. It stated that federal and state health officials did not distinguish between cases where someone was admitted with incidental SARS-CoV-2 infection versus cases where someone was actually sick with COVID-19 symptoms. This led to a potential overestimation of hospitalizations and financial benefits for hospitals.

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The jury also addressed the collateral consequences of NPIs, stating that the mandates put in place were not worth the price. They noted that these measures were widely rejected but somehow made their way back into scientific discourse and became law in many states.

Despite these findings, the Statewide Grand Jury emphasized that their work is far from over and there is still much more testimony and evidence to come. They acknowledged that this issue affects people all over the United States and possibly even the world, making it a complex and ongoing investigation.

In conclusion, the preliminary report released by the 22nd Statewide Grand Jury highlights concerns about the inefficacy of masks, lockdowns, and other nonpharmaceutical interventions in controlling the spread of COVID-19. It also sheds light on roadblocks faced by the jury in their investigation and emphasizes the need for further examination of this issue.

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