Exploring the World of Web3? Lympid Puts Users Front and Center
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User-focused by design: Lympid enables seamless Web3 exploration and earning

BRAGA, Portugal - Floridant -- In the fast-growing world of decentralized finance (DeFi), which today has a total value locked of $38 billion, Lympid stands out by making access to major passive income products simple and intuitive. We're talking about products with annual passive income between 5% and 8%.

This innovative platform allows anyone to access passive income opportunities with just a few clicks.
Giving a practical example: let's imagine we use a return rate of 5% per year (the lowest risk rate), and make an initial contribution of €10,000 with annual top-ups of €1,000 to the initial capital. After 10 years this means the client will have €29,763.42. This happens due to the power of compound interest.

Lympid removes the complexity of interacting directly with decentralized finance products, through an already familiar IBAN account (like Revolut).

Customers can deposit EUR into their Lympid account and from there gain access to a wallet that connects them to leading decentralized finance products such as Tokenized Treasury Bills, peer to peer lending platforms such as Aave, staking protocols, and much more.

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Lympid also enables easy access to purchasing digital assets directly with euros. With Lympid, all the complexity of blockchain technology is abstracted away.

A unique advantage of Lympid is that user funds (whether in EUR or digital assets) are segregated from company funds and held by an institutional-grade custodian licensed in Germany and by another licensed financial institution in Estonia. As Lympid uses the infrastructure of two regulated financial institutions in Europe, it thus ensures all the regulatory requirements to operate in European countries.

Lympid never pools user funds or takes risks on their behalf. Each user chooses which DeFi products to invest in based on a risk analysis and projected returns.

By creating a wallet per customer, it means it's possible to verify where customer funds are at any time, using any trusted block explorer.

For those curious about digital assets, Lympid provides an easy on and off ramp to explore passive income opportunities, without needing any technical or financial expertise.

For experienced decentralized finance users, Lympid offers convenience and security. The platform even allows investing in indexes of digital assets representing different sectors, such as bluechip, metaverse, NFTs and DeFi.

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By optimizing the customer experience and providing simplified access to decentralized finance, Lympid is fulfilling its vision of making passive income products accessible to everyone.

It's simple and intuitive design empowers anyone to access products that pay between 5% and 8% interest per year, previously only available to sophisticated investors.

As the decentralized finance space continues to grow rapidly, Lympid is positioned to be the go-to platform for individuals to harness the income potential.

Lympid is delivering the future of finance, today.

About Lympid
Lympid was founded in 2022 with the mission of making passive income products accessible to everyone.
The company has the support of renowned investors such as 1inch, Olisipo Way, Luso Digital Assets, Clever Web3 among others.
Lympid continues to innovate, expanding support for new products, assets and languages, as part of its commitment to promoting widespread adoption of investing.
Learn more about how Lympid is bringing the future of finance, today at lympid

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