Explore the Magic and Biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest at Amazon Planet Ecolodge in Peru
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Good-Vibes.TV Highlights the Work of Amazon Rainforest Advocate Sandra Fernandez Osores and the Amazon Planet Ecolodge in Peru. She says exploring the Amazon Is a must on everyone's Bucket List.

ODESSA, Fla. - Floridant -- Streaming TV talk show, Good-Vibes.TV, highlights the work of Nature & Sustainability Expert, Sandra Fernandez Osores, co-founder of Amazon Planet Peru Ecolodge, in a 2-part series released May 21, 2023.  This eco-friendly lodging in Peru is the perfect destination for those interested in ecotourism, wildlife conservation, and sustainability projects. Located in Madre de Dios, Peru, this biodiverse region is home to a wealth of species per meter of land. At the Amazon Planet Ecolodge, visitors can explore the lush environment and support the Ecolodge's mission. Sandra and her team create unique opportunities for travelers to engage in the Amazon rainforest with their hands-on retreats and workshops. Travelers can connect with local entrepreneurs, or just enjoy the beauty of the rainforest.

When asked why the Amazon is so important, Sandra stated, "For this Earth, as a system, to be able to provide life, we need Nature's other beings, specifically the Amazon rainforest, which is one of the biggest tropical forests and is a major basin of global ecological hot spots of this biodiversity that allows the Earth system to function properly." Sandra continued, "When we reduce our impact, nature can thrive. Every plastic bag, faucet closed, and organic natural local product bought from a local provider instead of a supermarket or a big corporation makes a big impact that supports our well-being."  At Amazon Planet Peru Ecolodge, one person can make a difference. Travelers can also become part of the mission when they stay at the eco-friendly lodge.

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Viewers can watch the 2-part series on Good-Vibes.TV by going to http://www.Good-Vibes.TV or http://www.youtube.com/@raiseyourvibeandthrive.  Good Vibe TV's slogan is "raise your vibe and thrive!"  Good Vibes TV first aired in June 2021 and is in its third season.

Good-Vibes.TV Executive Producer and Host, Lesley Klein, was inspired to create a talk show which explored all the ways a person can raise their vibration (frequency) and thrive.  In her 35- to 50-minute TV programs, she has interviewed experts in the fields of Jin Shin Jyutsu (aka JSJ), Ikebana, Quantum Emotional Healing, Emotional Liberation, Hypnotherapy, Confident Manifesting and more.

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Source: Good Vibes TV

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