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For years we have worked hard to; improve and promote beneficial solutions to reducing Fuel Consumption and Carbon Pollution/Particulates. Now available; two of the best low cost solutions - ECOFuelMax.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Floridant -- Our Government both Federal and Local has been utilizing the ECOFuelMax Pollution Solutions for over 10 years. Electric may still be years away, please Reduce Pollution Today!

US Border Patrol/Homeland Security did a thorough investigation of the ECO Fuel System and its company before installing it on US Border Patrol vehicles. The ECO Fuel System has been successfully installed in over 200 School Districts on over 38,000 Yellow School Buses. Cities like San Antonio Texas use Cobra Clean to clean their Diesel Particulate Filter's, DOC Filters as well as EGR valves. NASA and the US Army use it as well. The ECOFuelMax Pollution Solution utilizes the scientific principle of Electrolysis; it is proven to reduce Diesel REGEN's +/-70% and Fuel Consumption +/-10%. Millions of Taxpayer Dollars have been saved annually by reducing Carbon Pollution/Particulates.

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Due to continuous stop and go driving Diesel Municipal Transit Buses in Florida and Georgia once had daily REGEN and DPF issues showed a reduction of REGEN Cycles +/-70% while reducing fuel consumption +/-8.4%. Waste vehicles aka Garbage Trucks in San Antonio Texas immediately showed a Diesel Regeneration Cycle Reduction of +/-73%+. DPF cleaning went from weekly to every few months. Test results are available online (ECOFuelMax).

San Antonio and multiple School Districts across Texas use Cobra Clean. It's a Biodegradable Non Toxic, Non Acidic cleaner that melts Carbon Ash and Soot. Now it is easy to clean their DPF's in-house without damaging them with Heat for 75% less. Go to YouTube and look up CobraCleanUSA. DPF's have been cleaned 8 times and counting without needing to be replaced.

The big winner is LTL or Diesel Delivery Trucks. They can save their owners tens of thousands of dollars annually. Saving 5% in fuel and reducing downtime is a huge benefit. The ROI on a large Diesel vehicle is +/-10 days.

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Gasoline motors on both Commercial and Private Vehicles immediately showed an increase in power and Fuel Reduction as high as 18%. By increasing the Electrostatic energy, it causes all fuels to burn more combustible and cleaner. CARB Approved, it only treats fuel no Warranty issues. Prove it to yourself, No Risk Money Back Guaranty. Results online.

The ECO Fuel System (ECOFuelMax) is not new, has been used successfully around the World for over 10 years helping those who use it save on Operating Expenses by Reducing Carbon Pollution/Particulates 40% to over 70%, the cost a few hundred dollars.

For information, call and speak to a human or go online ( and send an email.

GO GREEN – Burn Clean!

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