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With the price of Diesel Fuel and maintenance going higher Truckers Transit and Delivery Companies are forced to raise prices. There are proven solutions that can help.

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Floridant -- The ECOFuelMax or ECO Fuel System is a highly regarded widespread proven solution to reducing Diesel Regeneration Cycles +/-70%, Diesel Emission Fluid use +/-40% as well as reducing Fuel Consumption (+/-10%). All for only a few hundred dollars, guaranteed.

For over 10 years tens of thousands of Diesel and Gasoline motors have been saving thousands of dollars annually by reducing Carbon Pollution and Greenhouse Gases. The ECO Fuel System is a proven, patented and guaranteed solution.

A full sized Diesel Truck or Heavy Equipment with a Diesel powered motor can reduce Fuel consumption +/-5%. On a Municipal Diesel Transit Bus or EMS, Downtime and Fuel consumption can be reduced +/-8.4% and REGEN Cycles +/-70%. These are annual savings of thousands of dollars.

The ECO Fuel System works on the principal of Electrostatic Energy or Electrolysis. It increases all fuels combustibility causing it to burn more combustible and cleaner. No motor modifications and is easy to install, No Warranty issues, it only treats fuel. By making fuel more combustible is reduces Carbon Pollution and Greenhouse Gases. What people really want is to save money! Save Money by Reducing Pollution!

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Cobra Clean is another lifesaver. Diesel motors with Diesel Particulates Filter's (DPF) sooner or later will get clogged with ash/soot and need to be cleaned or replaced. Cobra Clean is a low cost; DIY Non Acidic, Non Toxic, Non Caustic liquid cleaning solution that melts the ash/soot trapped in a dirty DPF. It's easy to use, soak a DPF for 24 hours rinse in a wash rack with tap water, a DPF is cleaned without damaging heat that can crack a DPF. The cost to clean a DPF is +/-$85.

Since 2000 ECO Fuel Systems principals have been working to help Consumers, Municipalities and our Government reduce maintenance and operating costs. For more information call or go online ( and see How The ECO Works. GO Green – Burn Clean and save Money!

Cary Nagdeman
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