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Dirty Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) is an ongoing problem for Diesel Owners. Now there is a Low Cost, No Heat, Biodegradable cleaning solution that melts Carbon Particulates, Soot & Ash - CobraClean. To help keep your filters clean check out the ECOFuelMax Pollution Solution, it helps fuel burn cleaner & more efficiently.

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Floridant -- Two winning opportunities for vehicle owners both Diesel and Gas. For +/-$85 you can clean your DPF in House without damaging it with heat. CobraClean is easy to use. Soak a DPF, DOC or EGR Valve for 24 hours, rinse, dry and reinstall. It's that easy.

For over 8 years Cities, Municipal Transit and Waste/Garbage Trucks have been using it successfully, go online ECOFuelMax  or YouTube and watch the CobraCleanUSA videos.

Keeping DPF's clean by Reducing Pollution/Particulates using the ECO Fuel System can be profitable. For a few hundred dollars using the CARB Approved ECO Fuel System you can help your fuel burn cleaner and more efficiently. See How it Works to reduce Carbon Pollution/Particulates, Maintenance, Downtime while increasing Fuel Efficiency and sustainability. Reduce Fuel Consumption is a major savings. A Municipal Transit Bus fleet showed on average a reduction in Fuel Use of 8.4%. Every vehicles gasoline or diesel can save thousands a year for a low cost onetime expense, the ECO can last 20+ years.

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The ECO Fuel System treats all fuels, it has been BBB A+ Rated 10+ years, has a No Risk Money Back Guarantee and is easy to install. It only treats fuel and will NOT affect any warranties.

To answer any questions or to schedule a No Risk Test on one of your vehicles Call, or Go Online and read all about it. GO GREEN – Burn Clean!

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