Consolidated Credit Reveals Vacation Hacks: Enjoy a Debt-Free, Budget-Friendly Getaway this Summer
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You'll Be Amazed How Much You Can Save on Your Next Vacation
Consolidated Credit offers eight money-saving ways to minimize the cost of you next vacation. From how to reduce transaction fees to how to call home from less, this is how you get the most out of your getaway for the least amount of money.

And if you overspend on your trip and run into issues with debt when you get home? Call Consolidated Credit at 1-888-995-0737 to find debt relief fast!
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 23, 2024 ~ As summer approaches, many Americans are eagerly planning their vacations. According to a recent survey, nearly 82% of American adults have plans to travel this summer, with over 42% planning to take more than one trip. However, with the cost of travel and accommodations on the rise, it's important for consumers to set a budget before booking their trips. Consolidated Credit, a leading nonprofit financial education and counseling organization, is sharing tips to help consumers get away without getting into debt.

April Lewis-Parks, Education Director at Consolidated Credit, emphasizes the importance of sticking to a travel budget. "Sticking to a travel budget is not just a smart move – it's a lifeline that can prevent you from drowning in debt," she says. To assist consumers in creating a budget for their vacation, Consolidated Credit offers a free Vacation Budget Planner on their website.

One of the key tips offered by Consolidated Credit is to set up a separate vacation fund and avoid using credit cards for expenses. Lewis-Parks warns that carrying balances on credit cards can lead to high interest rates and potentially trap individuals in a cycle of debt. "With APRs soaring above 24%, even a small balance can balloon into a financial nightmare," she explains.

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In addition to setting up a vacation fund and avoiding credit card use, Consolidated Credit also advises travelers to keep currency exchange rates and taxes in mind when planning their trips. This is especially important for those traveling internationally. Researching exchange rates, local taxes, tipping customs, and ATM availability before leaving can help travelers avoid unexpected expenses.

For those who do choose to use credit cards while traveling, Consolidated Credit recommends using one that does not charge foreign transaction fees. This can save travelers money on each transaction made abroad.

Another tip from Consolidated Credit is to avoid traveling during peak times if possible. "The time of year you travel, as well as the specific day of the week, can make a big difference on your wallet," says Lewis-Parks. Tuesdays are typically the least expensive day to fly, while weekends tend to be the most expensive. Additionally, booking a trip for Monday through Friday can often be more cost-effective than traveling over the weekend.

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To save even more money, Consolidated Credit suggests finding free or discounted activities at your destination. This can include using coupons or discounts provided by hotels or finding free events and attractions in the area.

Lewis-Parks reminds travelers that it's important to take a break and recharge, but it's equally important to do so without accumulating debt. "If people fund a trip with credit cards, debt could be a lasting souvenir," she says. By following these tips from Consolidated Credit, consumers can have a less stressful and more budget-friendly vacation this summer.

For those who do find themselves struggling with debt after their trip, Consolidated Credit offers debt relief services. Consumers can call 1-888-995-0737 for assistance in managing their debts and getting back on track financially.

In conclusion, as summer travel plans are being made, it's crucial for consumers to set a budget and stick to it in order to avoid falling into debt. Consolidated Credit's tips offer practical ways for individuals to save money and have a stress-free vacation this summer. For more information and tips on managing finances and avoiding debt, visit Consolidated Credit's website.
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