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Diesel Owners for years have been restricted and complaining about Dirty Diesel Particulate Filters, REGEN Cycles and the expense of Cleaning. Clean your Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF's) in-house and save 75% over damaging Heat Cleaning.

MIAMI - Floridant -- Since 2007 DPF's have been a thorn in Diesel Owners pockets. They were required by the Federal Government to remove or lessen Carbon Particulates released into the atmosphere. Another profit opportunity for Manufactures. The problem is they get clogged and in most cases cause a Diesel Motor to quit running. A dirty DPF increases fuel consumption and can damaged a Diesel motor. Important, they should be be maintained on a regular basis and kept clean.

Cleaning a DPF using high temperature Heat may cause a filter to crack and need to be replaced after a few high Heat cleanings. The cost to clean a DPF with heat is +/-$500. To replace a Diesel Particulate filter is expensive, the cost is $2,500 to $6,000 depending on location and motor size.

Cobra Clean is a low cost proven Biodegradable, Non Toxic, Non Acidic solution that melts Carbon. It has recently been condensed for easy lower cost shipping. The condensed Cobra Clean, 5 gallons + 20 gallons of water = 25 gallons of Cobra Clean, that can clean 6-8 DPF's. Shipping costs have been reduced +/-$100. The cost for cleaning 6-8 DPF's  (+/-$400) is less than the cost to clean 1 DPF using high Heat, without damaging it

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Common sense and proper maintenance procedures all point to using Cobra Clean. Over the last few years many are now cleaning their DPF's in-house. No damage and less downtime is beneficial. Cobra Clean is easy to use, go online (ECOFUELMAX) and view the videos before paying +/-$500 for heat cleaning.

Easy to use soak your DPF submerged in Cobra Clean for 24 hours, remove it, drain, rinse clean with tap water, dry, reinstall and your back on the road for +/-$85.00. A condensed 25 gallons of Cobra Clean will clean DPF's multiple times, No Damage!

To reduce REGEN Cycles +/-70% that clog a DPF many use the Low Cost ECO Fuel System, not only does it reduce Carbon Particulates but can increase fuel efficiency (+/-10%). No Risk, Money Back Guarantee.

For Videos, references and reports go Online (, or call us today. GO GREEN – Burn Clean!

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