Car windshield replacement cure times depend on several factors
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TAMPA, Fla. - Floridant -- Weather, type of adhesive play roles in safety of new windshields

Prompt and professional car windshield replacement in Florida is important in maintaining the safety of your vehicle. It is crucial to give your new windshield time to set, or cure, before hitting the road and exposing it to higher air pressures.

Weather conditions, temperature, and the type of adhesive used can all affect the amount of cure time the installer will recommend. Understanding these factors is key to ensuring a successful and durable car windshield replacement from Same Day Windshields.

Temperatures can impact car windshield replacement cure times

Cure times for same day windshield replacement are short, typically ranging from only 1-4 hours. The installer will provide clear instructions pertaining to the recommended cure time for your car windshield replacement prior to leaving the jobsite.

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Extreme temperatures can affect the curing time and overall performance of the adhesive used in car windshield replacement. In general, low temperatures can slow the curing process while high temperatures can accelerate the process. However, excessively high temperatures can compromise the adhesive's strength, emphasizing the need to follow the recommendation of your installer.

Rain or extremely humid conditions can also slow the cure time after the installer completes your car windshield replacement process.

Urethane and acrylic adhesives have varying properties

The two most common types of adhesives used in car windshield replacement are urethane-based and acrylic-based. Urethane-based adhesives provide exceptional bonding strength and durability. However, they typically require a little longer curing time compared to acrylic-based adhesives.

Acrylic-based adhesives can cure faster while providing only slightly lower bonding strength. The manufacturer provides specific cure times for each type of adhesive. Your installer will inform you of their specific recommendation based on manufacturer guidelines and outside factors such as temperature. Follow their recommendation for best results.

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