Can's Headphones Foldback for A Quiet Launch
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Despite no sales, Can's Headphones took the foot traffic and the excellent reviews for what they were worth

DELAND, Fla. - Floridant -- Almost a month into their launch, Can's Headphones continues to push through the first round of potential customers checking out their website during its launch. Despite the website not selling any headphones (and Can's says they're more than aware of the confusion), they have plenty of merchandise listed for those who wish to engage with the brand. However, everyone who stops by has at least one question on their mind: What is this website and why are blenders sinning?

With an ongoing pandemic, Can's Headphones boldly took the step forward into the Online Sales world by launching its website on June 17th. With educational content focused on audio engineers and a community focused on creating a nurturing environment to serve musicians, it's hard to believe no one took to their collection of merchandise. Maybe it was overpriced? Who knows.

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When asked about why 'Headphones' is part of the 'Can's Headphones' name Wesley said this: "Initially Can's was a brain baby to help change the way consumers buy headphones, kinda how Netflix did with Blockbuster or how Amazon is doing to brick and mortar retailers. I'd like to do the same thing to BestBuy and GuitarCenter, at least in terms of their headphone, monitor, speaker cabinets, etc. As an audio engineer myself, it was hard not to find a way to bring in musicians and other engineers alike, and I hope they value the service I'm trying to build for them." While obviously invested in his work, it's still some time to come before we find out how invested anyone else is.

Struggling to capture and close sales, Can's Headphones has some things to call a win:

• 199+ visitors since June 17th for a 438% increase
• 20+ new social media followers across multiple outlets

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• 6,000+ engagements and 99+ link clicks on social media advertisement

About Can's Headphones: Can's Headphones ( is a headphone distribution service aimed at aligning consumers with the "perfect" pair of headphones. In the meantime, Can's Headphones will curate a variety of educational content for audio engineering students as well as cultivating an active community for musicians and enthusiasts alike. Established in June of 2020 amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the only thing they're sick of is staying home! However, thank you to everyone who has practiced safe social distancing, and don't forget to wear a mask!

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