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Giving a huge kudos to Andreas Talent Management Agency & Mike Manning celebrity press relations agent for of the all the pilot series attention accredited to an enigma persona of Liazon Allante aka ' El Caballo ' (played by actor Horse Wren). In the words of his character's mindstate: "
You don't need to know me, unless you need to know me!"  This show has it All: The Italian Mafia,Mexican Cartel, Columbia Cartel, Yakuza (japan mob family) , Triads (chinese crime mafia), Bratva (russian mob),  and The Zones Bosses from Atlanta's worst drug areas throughout the city.

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Even with Atlanta being 136.8 Miles it still will prove to be to close for comfort in narcotrafficking and washing the money during modern times and problems of today's world.
All these criminal enterprises in one melting pot with El Caballo as "The Boss of All Bosses".
You pretty much gauge and know that this is not going to go smooth for long! Sparks will fly and No One will be Safe. In fact Anyone can get it in this series.
Wishing full thinking will not cut it and these people are set out to make sure the tons of drugs keep flowing in through the port of Atlanta and cash is cleaned through legitimate ways. Kinda hard with all that has befallen the city. Let the fireworks of betrayal,mayhem, and division take it's hold in this series.

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