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Bonds. Treasury Bonds. Trajan Wealth
Treasury bonds could be a sound investment for you and your family.

PHOENIX - Floridant -- Understanding bonds and the bond market is an important piece of knowledge to have in your financial skill set. That's why Sterling Russell, CFA, and Trajan Wealth have released a blog to help get you up to speed on what bond duration is, how it affects our market right now, and what to do with your money to take advantage of the opportunities bonds present.

Bond duration is the price sensitivity of a particular bond or portfolio and helps you to measure the timeline of your investment and what kind of return you can expect. Sterling spells out how a bond can become more or less valuable based on the interest rates changing over the life of your bond.

It's important to study your history, so you don't repeat mistakes made in the past, so this blog post also features a bond history lesson. It describes the situation in the 1970s during the "Volcker Fed" and how inflation affected the US Treasury Bonds market.

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Learning more about bonds and how their value is determined could be an important piece of your financial well-being. Read the blog in full to learn more about bond values. You can also visit other blogs that Trajan Wealth has posted to help keep your financial future looking good.

About Trajan Wealth:

Trajan Wealth LLC formed in 2012, was founded by CEO Jeff Junior. Prior to his 20+ years in the financial services profession, Jeff Junior was a member of the United States Marine Corps. Jeff continues to serve his clients and employees with the utmost service, respect, and attention to detail. The firm has multiple locations in Arizona, Texas, and Utah. Trajan Wealth is expanding to the Atlanta area in the coming months.

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By using low-cost diversified portfolios under its fiduciary standard—and working closely with both its investment advisors and estate attorneys who work within one office—the company provides long-term support for its clients' retirement needs as well as their estate plans. This includes strategies for wealth accumulation and tax planning.

For more information on all the different services offered or to schedule a complimentary consultation, visit or call 1-800-838-3079.


* Advisory services offered through Trajan® Wealth L.L.C., an SEC registered investment advisor. Legal services are offered through ​Trajan® Estate, L.L.C. ​in Arizona and Utah, and independent law firms in other States.

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