Blueprint to Success: Creating a Unique and Effective Supplement Formula with Private Label Express
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MIAMI - Floridant -- Private Label Express emerged in 2010 with a groundbreaking vision: to establish a dietary supplement manufacturing company that genuinely partners with all its clients, not just a privileged few. Drawing from his pharmaceutical background, CEO and founder Robert De Lima set out to address the prevalent challenges faced by dietary supplement brands when working with most nutraceutical suppliers. These challenges include inadequate communication, unreliable and inconsistent turnaround times, limited product selection, and a lack of transparency.

The Nutraceutical Manufacturing Process: A Detailed Overview

The process of creating a nutraceutical supplement involves several intricate steps.
  1. It starts with sourcing the raw materials, with a single formula requiring up to 50+ different ingredients. Prioritizing efficiency, PLE ensures a constant supply of these ingredients in their warehouse.
  2. Upon arrival, the materials are isolated in a quarantined section of the facility and then subjected to exhaustive inspection by their in-house quality control department.
  3. After quality confirmation, the ingredients proceed to the pharmacy compound.
  4. Considering multiple factors, such as batch size, capsule size, and powder density of the blended powder.
Packaging and Labeling: A Peek Behind the Scenes

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Once the encapsulation is completed, the products are directed to the bottling and packaging assembly lines.
  • The production process begins with a bottle rotator, leading to two conveyors. The bottles then pass through an automated desiccant pack inserter and are securely sealed before passing through the label applicator.
  • As bottles undergo the heat induction sealer process, they move to the automated neck bander. Each bottle is marked either with a "manufactured on date" or "expiration date", along with a unique lot number.
  • Finally, these product bottles are packed into boxes and shipped via PLE's partner carriers. This end-to-end process ensures the product reaches the client's doorstep promptly.

The Label Process: Achieving Compliance, Ease, and Efficiency

PLE's label process is designed to be as seamless as possible.
  • It starts with selecting the product and filling quantity from the catalog followed by contacting a support specialist for deeper insights and guidance.
  • After placing the order and making the payment, the design notes, preferences, and logos are provided to the customer support team for the label design.
  • The design team then provides a draft for approval. Once approved, it goes through a final inspection for compliance and, if aligned, the labels are printed. With an average shipping time of only 2-3 weeks for stocked items, this process is efficient, simple, and customer-centric.

To Sum It Up

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PLE's entire supplement production process is a blend of meticulousness, efficiency, and commitment to quality, underlining its position as a reliable partner in the nutraceutical industry. From sourcing raw materials to delivering the final product, the company's hands-on approach and transparent communication make it stand out in a crowded market.

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