BioMatrix Proudly Announces The 2021 Memorial Scholarship Recipients
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PLANTATION, Fla., Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy announced today recipients of their 2021 memorial scholarship program. BioMatrix annually provides six $1,000 scholarships for bleeding disorders community members seeking higher education. The scholarships honor the memory of several individuals who impacted the bleeding disorder community in unique ways. BioMatrix partners with the Hemophilia Federation of America for administrative support and independent, third-party evaluation of applicants. It is with great pleasure we announce the 2020/2021 recipients of our Memorial Scholarship Program.

Luke Castaldo

Junior at Moody Bible Institute: Music-Worship and Media Arts
BioMatrix Ron Neiderman Memorial Scholarship
At an early age, Luke learned that having hemophilia can present a host of obstacles, such as the pain that comes with bleeding episodes, infusing, and being teased by other kids. Luke accepted these challenges and grew resilient. His life lessons taught him to communicate about his bleeding disorder and advocate for himself, to be creatively adaptable, and to appreciate the sacrifices of his mentors in the community. "These obstacles, hard as they were, prepared me for life, which has been influenced by hemophilia in three major ways: resilience, leadership, and hope for the future." Congratulations, Luke!

Jarett Guillow
Doctoral Degree at University of California Riverside School of Medicine
BioMatrix Joe Holibaugh Memorial Scholarship
Jarett embraces his hemophilia wholeheartedly – looking past the negative and strictly focusing on the positive influences of his bleeding disorder. He has a deep appreciation for the community friendships he's made, the lessons he's learned and the experiences he's had that have all influenced his life goals. "I aspire to be a pediatric hematologist because of my experiences with hemophilia. From being my guiding force towards studying to being physically active and to finally being accepted into medical school, hemophilia has made a beneficial impact on my life." Congratulations, Jarett!

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Luke Luckey
Junior at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience
BioMatrix Mark Coats Memorial Scholarship
Circumstances were not easy early in Luke's life when he was diagnosed with severe hemophilia. Born in China, he was placed for adoption and spent 9 years at an orphanage experiencing severe pain and subpar medical treatment. Adopted at age 10 and coming to the US, life became much better as did his health. "Hemophilia has greatly influenced my life in various ways. I've developed empathy, compassion, and care for others. I am also optimistic for the future, as I believe that I am capable of achieving anything if I work very hard. Having hemophilia gives me a sense of purpose to do good things in the world." Congratulations, Luke!

Steven Sclafani
Sophomore at Utica College: Physical Therapy
BioMatrix Tim Kennedy Memorial Scholarship
Steven makes no bones about the challenges of living with severe hemophilia; however, he has a confidence that does not allow him to be defined or limited by its so-called "disadvantage." He's a fighter and has a healthy sense of humbleness! "Living with a bleeding disorder doesn't make me special. I have never wanted to be looked at as the kid who will die from a papercut or the kid who has to walk around with bubble wrap on. Everybody has their struggles. Luckily, mine pushed me to be successful in life. So, in a weird way, I am very thankful for hemophilia." Congratulations, Steven!

Laikyn Dae Tyson
Freshman at North Carolina State: Criminology
BioMatrix Millie Gonzalez Memorial Scholarship
Born into an energetic family, Laikyn was just as physically active and athletic as her brothers. However, her diagnosis of hemophilia and anemia had her parents, doctors and even her friends worrying over her and encouraging her to be more careful. Laikyn initially pushed back and rebelled against the notion of having to be more cautious. However, after a significant health scare, she came to understand the importance, "I realized I did need to be more careful. I could not ignore my disease any longer. I came to the conclusion that just because I have to "be careful" does not mean I have to give up my life." Congratulations, Laikyn!

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Timothy Wohl
Clinical Doctorate at Ohio State University: Physical Therapy
BioMatrix Mike Hylton Memorial Scholarship
When Timothy was diagnosed with von Willebrand disease at age 5, fearing an injury, his parents were protective and limited his physical activities. This caused him to be fearful of participating in typical childhood activities such as playtime and recess at school. Through years of interacting with doctors and physical therapists, Timothy gained an understanding of his bleeding disorder and became a competitive swimmer in high school and college. This inspired him to become a physical therapist, "My long-term career goal is to work with children who face barriers to exercise like I did, so I can help them regain a sense of autonomy in their lives." Congratulations, Timothy!

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