Author & Entrepreneur Bruce Goldwell Seeks Marketing Deals for Two Fantasy Book Series
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ORLANDO, Fla. - Floridant -- In the realm of literature and boundless imagination, author and entrepreneur Bruce Goldwell is on a quest to make a profound impact with his captivating fantasy book series. The mastermind behind "Dragon Keepers" & "Starfighters Defending Earth," Goldwell is actively seeking marketing partnerships to propel his literary creations to new heights.

Goldwell's journey as an author & entrepreneur has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by an unwavering commitment to creativity, passion, and dedication.

In "Dragon Keepers," young keepers protect their dragon friends in a mystical realm. "Starfighters Defending Earth" follows heroes combating intergalactic threats. Goldwell's books suit adventure-loving readers of all ages. His storytelling transcends age boundaries, making his books suitable for readers of all ages hungry for adventure and fantasy.

Bruce is now eager to collaborate with reputable marketing companies to introduce his works to a broader audience. His openness to flexible negotiations in marketing deals underscores his determination to ensure the success of his literary creations.

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When questioned about his vision, Goldwell passionately expressed his ultimate goal: to witness his two book series adapted into full-length movies. This ambitious dream speaks to the compelling narratives and cinematic potential embedded in his works. Goldwell believes that with national and international acclaim, the path to the silver screen will become clearer.

Beyond his series, Goldwell's storytelling prowess extends to a dozen short stories spanning various genres, from love stories to mysteries and science fiction. This diverse writing talent showcases his versatility as an author capable of weaving engaging narratives across different genres.

Readers and industry experts alike eagerly anticipate the release of new titles in Bruce Goldwell's literary journey. His books hold the potential to captivate the imagination of audiences worldwide, providing a thrilling escape into fantastical realms.

As Goldwell embarks on the quest to find the perfect marketing partners, the world may soon witness the grand-scale introduction of "Dragon Keepers" and "Starfighters Defending Earth." With flexibility and a determined vision, Bruce Goldwell is poised to make waves in the literary and entertainment worlds, proving that captivating storytelling knows no bounds.

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For inquiries and potential partnership opportunities, interested parties can reach Bruce Goldwell through his official website ( and social media channels (Contact page), where he shares updates and connects with his readers and fans.

Stay tuned for more updates on Bruce Goldwell's journey as his enchanting stories continue to capture the hearts of readers and inspire the imaginations of those young and old.

Over a dozen books are being offered free on Thanksgiving. Visit  Goldwell's web site for more information on FREE eBooks for Thanksgiving.

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