AscendTMS And Lean Staffing Solutions Partner To Provide Expert Low-Cost Nearshore Staffing Services
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AscendTMS Is Now The Clear Leader In Providing TMS Software Combined With On-Demand Staffing Solutions

TAMPA, Fla. - Floridant -- InMotion Global, Inc. announced today that AscendTMS, the world's number one rated transportation management software (TMS), has partnered with the largest nearshore logistics staffing company, Lean Staffing Solutions, to offer bundled TMS software and staffing packages within AscendTMS.

The combination of Lean Staffing Solutions and AscendTMS provides brokers and carriers with on-demand logistics staff at up to 70% less cost than they are currently paying for similar positions in the United States – all inside the AscendTMS software. The widely used TMS technology from AscendTMS is provided at no charge to any Lean Staffing Solutions customers, allowing teams of remote logistics staff to work collaboratively together in real-time.

Tim Higham, president and CEO of AscendTMS, said, "Lean Staffing Solutions is the largest nearshore staffing solution in logistics today, with expert staffing facilities in four convenient Colombian locations. Our 21,000 plus customers are all looking to lower their operating costs – especially their staffing costs – while improving their overall level of service.  Our broker and carrier customers asked us to add Lean Staffing Solutions to their toolset inside AscendTMS. As always – we listened to our clients – and we quickly added Lean Staffing Solutions to AscendTMS for them. By using Lean Staffing Solutions, a broker or carrier will immediately see lower staffing costs - and thus much higher profits overnight."

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Another bonus for Lean Staffing Solutions clients is that they get the Premium AscendTMS software, packaged with instant expert staffing solutions, at no cost. This means they can immediately take advantage of the lower staffing costs by connecting to Lean Staffing Solutions' Colombian based logistics teams (see HERE ( for more details).

Robert Cadena, CEO of Lean Staffing Solutions, stated; "Lean Staffing Solutions is proud to be associated with AscendTMS as many of our clients and prospects already use their number one rated TMS software. Lean Staffing Solutions is perfectly aligned with their vision of high value low cost service offerings that appeal to a broad spectrum of logistics companies looking to quickly cut costs without any loss of service. As the leader in the logistics staffing space, we drive that value proposition home by instantly lowering the staffing costs of any logistics provider using our expert sales, service, and back office staffing services."

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Higham continued, "Lean Staffing Solutions have big plans. We have no doubt that the future for North American logistics providers will be a combination of remote teams working collaboratively from different locations, with the lower cost functions of sales, support, and back office roles being based in Colombia, which is conveniently located in the Central time zone."

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