Anna Paulina Luna Dominates US House of Representatives Straw Poll in Pinellas County, FL
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A small sampling of Pinellas County, Florida conservative voters found Luna with overwhelming support among likely Florida voters.

CLEARWATER, Fla. - Floridant -- On June 18, 2022 a straw poll was initiated across several traditionally conservative Facebook pages to garner which candidate was drawing support from the private Facebook groups for the Pinellas County, Florida race to replace US Representative Charlie Crist who vacated the seat to run for Governor of Florida..

To avoid the poll being stacked, membership was frozen from admitting new members during the 48 hours the straw poll was operated.  Existing members were allowed to place a vote, and the poll was posted to the top of each page to make sure any member who was on Facebook and visited the page would have a chance to participate.  The result is an unscientific sampling intended to convey the most conclusive sampling to date of conservative sentiment on the District 13 Pinellas County, Florida race for the open United States House of Representatives seat.  There was some redundancy across the participants in the straw polls, but the aggregate sentiment was consistent from page to page.

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Pinellas Watch - 67 Votes Cast
Amanda Makki, 10%, 7 votes
Anna Paulina Luna, 81%, 54 votes
Christine Quinn, 3%, 2 votes
Kevin Hayslett, 4%, 3 votes

Similar polls were conducted on other Facebook pages, including: Tampa Bay Conservative Parents (Luna 81%), LIberty Patriots Florida (Luna 84%) and Pinellas County Face Freedom (Luna 100%, received all votes cast).  As there was some crossover between the pages, reporting each page's detailed results would have resulted in unnecessary criticism of the polling method.  The results were consistent from page to page, indicating popular support among all the pages flowed similarly among the candidates.

Congratulations to congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna for overwhelming support for your congressional race in this June 2022 straw poll.

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