AIMS Power Unveils Groundbreaking Hybrid Inverter Chargers, Empowering Users with Unmatched Power Control. Net Metering, Load Share, EPS
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AIMS Power, the pioneer in innovative power solutions, proudly presents two game-changing products: the Hybrid Inverter Charger 4.6 kW Power Output 6.9 kW Solar Input and the Hybrid Inverter Charger 9.6 kW Power Output 15 kW Solar Input. These groundbreaking devices do it all and revolutionize homeowners' control over power, granting them independence from the grid. Net metering, load share, battery back up, grid tie and off grid. Customize to use grid during non-peak hours, solar and battery.

RENO, Nev. - Floridant -- Combining solar power and battery backup into one comprehensive solution, the AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter Chargers empower users to embrace free power and break free from traditional energy constraints. No longer will excess energy be wasted; instead, it can be stored and utilized when it matters most. With programmable power usage and prioritization, users now have the freedom to make informed decisions about their energy distribution. Users can use only battery, or only solar, OR both!

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Uninterrupted Power, Anytime: AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter Chargers seamlessly transition to battery power during grid outages, ensuring critical appliances and systems stay powered up. Supporting various battery types, including lithium and lead, these inverter chargers offer flexibility and customization to meet individual needs.

Control at Your Fingertips: Equipped with a user-friendly mobile app, the AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter Chargers provide remote monitoring, allowing homeowners to conveniently track energy usage, battery levels, and system performance from anywhere. Complete control and peace of mind are just a tap away.

Safety and Efficiency Redefined: AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter Chargers meet the rigorous standards of UL 1741-SA, CSA 22.2 No.107-01, UL1998, and UL1699B, ensuring safety and compliance. With advanced features such as a large 5-inch color LCD display, multiple connectivity options, and stackable capability, these inverter chargers adapt to various installation scenarios.

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Key Differences:

Power Output:
Unleash your power with the 4.6 kW or the impressive 9.6 kW Hybrid Inverter Charger, catering to residential and commercial needs.

Solar Input: Harness the sun's energy with up to 6.9 kW or an unparalleled 15 kW solar input capacity, providing flexibility for diverse projects and installations.

Both products are equipped with the same maximum PV voltage of 660V and are designed with safety and efficiency in mind. They feature state-of-the-art technology, ensuring optimal energy utilization and seamless integration with solar systems.

AIMS Power believes these groundbreaking Hybrid Inverter Chargers will transform the renewable energy landscape, empowering individuals and businesses to embrace sustainable practices while maximizing energy independence.

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