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Starting Monday Climate Pollution Conscience begins. Organizations, Cities and States have been attending the Annual Climate Conference. Many great ideas were proposed for our future well being.

MIAMI - Floridant -- Electric Vehicles like the 100% Electric Bus parked out front of the Miami Beach Convention Center was very impressive. Electric will be the future unless another non carbon solution is invented. Until then we should maximize what we currently have.

Many at the Conference avoided or dismissed that electric may require a substantial amount of carbon to create and energize the Cobalt-Lithium Batteries needed. According to Forbes "The Dirty Secrets Of 'Clean' Electric Vehicles" informs that the creation of a battery may release more carbon than a vehicle could release in 3 years. Based on today's technologies an electric battery for an electric vehicle may last less than 3 years, now what?

Another topic most I spoke with denied or refused to speak about was reducing Greenhouse Gases 40% to over 70% Today using an existing proven low cost no chemical, no maintenance method. Professors down to the political leaders seem to refuse to take action other than preparing for an electric future.

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Why won't local Miami-Miami Beach politicians like Mayor's Gelber and Suarez take action or listen to solution that could save the Taxpayers millions of dollars annually while reducing Pollution and research/incorporation is being conducted on electric vehicles?

A proven solution that many are aware of is the ECO Fuel System, a No Chemical, No Maintenance inline fuel filter/enhancer that works on the scientific principal of Electrolysis. The ECO Fuel System based on Certified testing and US Government reports clearly state it has the ability to increase fuels combustibility causing it to burn cleaner and more efficiently. There are hundreds of thousands of successful installations around the world to date. Right now Foreign Countries are installing them on their Government owned vehicles, like we should be doing.

The ECO has shown in real life to not only reduce carbon pollution +/-50% while saving fuel (+/-10%) and reducing maintenance and downtime on diesel driven vehicles. Now that fuel is in excess of $5.00 per gallon why won't our leaders inform or help their constituents reduce fuel consumption while reducing Pollution?

Any parties Government, Corporation, Municipalities or individuals that would like to learn more call, email or go online to https://ecofuelmax.com. GO GREEN Burn Clean!

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