10 Year USA Debt Stress Survey Results Released to the Public
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We asked 50,000 Americans about DEBT and STRESS between 2010 and 2022. What we learned might surprise you.

MIAMI - Floridant -- "We conducted this survey for own market research. Full disclosure; the main motIvation for this survey was increasing market share. However, we believe there needs to be more light shed on the scourge of debt stress, and how it affects people from all walks of life. We see it (and hear it) for ourselves every day."

-- Catherine Dean

This consumer debt survey was fully collected by March 29th 2022. Recruitment began in early 2010. The initial goal for the survey was the State of Florida and a sample size between 1200 - 1500. It was decided (at great cost in time and capital) to expand the survey to all 50 States.

Therefore, we believe this is the largest consumer debt stress survey ever conducted in the United States. All data will presented by Catherine Dean using the link at the bottom of this release. You can read more about Data United LDS and it's proprietary polling platform there as well.

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Excerpt from results page and story behind the survey:

"Covid changed almost every aspect of American life, and it sent a lot of people to the poor house. LDS receives more calls and emails from people in desperate financial situations than ever before. Some phone calls go longer than an hour as the frightened caller grasps for a tiny scrap of hope to hold on to, as they're terrified of falling into the abyss of personal bankruptcy. (Fun fact…I've been there. It's not fun.)"

-- Catherine Dean

Much more to come. Stay tuned to this space.

Survey Results Page: https://localdebtservices.com/stress-from-debt /

CreditWise Survey Referenced by Dean:

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